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Business Security | Anti-Intrusion Fogging Systems

Exploring the benefits of an Anti-Intrusion Fogging System

In today's rapidly evolving world, businesses can be exposed to an increasing number of security threats. From burglaries and robberies to vandalism and unauthorised access.

Although crucial in maintaining the safety of your property, traditional security measures such as alarms and surveillance cameras are sometimes not enough to deter intruders who are seeking high-value goods.

This is where anti-intrusion fogging systems come into play, offering a proactive and highly effective solution to safeguard businesses.

We have sought out the market leader in the security fogging systems sector, UR Fog. To bring you the best performing system to protect your property.

Below, we will explore some of the important benefits that anti-intrusion fogging systems can bring to protect your business.

Immediate and Effective Deterrent:

Anti-intrusion fogging systems are designed to act as a strong preventive measure to discourage or stop unwanted behaviour or actions. They create an inaccessible barrier against intruders.

When triggered, our UR Fogging system releases a dense fog that can fill 200m2 within 3.5 seconds, reducing visibility to almost zero. This sudden and unexpected fog acts as a powerful deterrent, disorienting and confusing potential intruders. The inability to see and navigate effectively discourages criminals from proceeding with their activity, forcing them to abandon their plans and flee the premises.

Rapid Response Time:

Anti-intrusion fogging systems provide an immediate response to an intrusion attempt. The fog is released within seconds of detection, minimising the time available for criminals to cause damage or steal valuable assets. This rapid response time ensures that businesses can effectively protect their premises and assets, preventing significant financial loss.

Enhanced Employee Safety:

The safety and well-being of employees are paramount to any business. Anti-intrusion fogging systems play a crucial role in ensuring employee safety during an intrusion. By obscuring visibility, these systems create a safe environment for employees to seek refuge and contact authorities without being detected or harmed by intruders. This added layer of protection can significantly reduce the risk of physical harm or emotional trauma to employees, fostering a sense of security and peace of mind within the workplace.

Minimal Damage and Disruption:

Intruders often cause significant damage to property while attempting to gain access or during a robbery. However, anti-intrusion fogging systems can minimise such damage. By disorienting and deterring criminals, these systems effectively prevent them from locating and damaging valuable assets. Additionally, the rapid response time of fogging systems ensures that police or security personnel can arrive on the scene before significant damage occurs, further reducing potential losses.

Harmless and Zero Pollution:

The UR Fog system is formulated to be completely harmless to people and animals. The fog does not leave any residue and it will not damage any furnishings or electrical items. The anti fogging system simply creates a visual barrier by activating a harmless defense.

Cost-Effective Security Solution:

Insurance companies often offer reduced premiums to businesses that have implemented advanced security measures, including anti-intrusion fogging systems, recognising their effectiveness in mitigating risks.

"Having the fogging system installed has added another level of “ peace of mind” should the worse happen ." Richard, owner of Cycle Highlands

By investing in these innovative systems you will gain peace of mind, knowing that significant steps have been taken to safeguard your property. A UR fogging system This anti intrusion can be of great benefit to your property, whether your are a business owner or are looking for extra protection for your home.


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